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Winds of Hope


The Building Life Project began as an outreach called Winds of Hope Winds of Healing, to respond to survivors of Hurricane Katrina in 2008.  Andrew Lincoln, a singer/songwriter and one of the founders of Winds of Hope, traveled to Mississippi and Louisiana to perform original songs and raise funds for mental health in the wake of the disaster.  A video was created that features segments of original music, footage and photography spotlighting life in the wake of Katrina.  The video, as well as the original songs recorded by Winds of Hope, including "New Life", "If I Cry", "Start Over", "Never Too Late", and  "Hope Unseen" may be accessed using the link  below:

As Winds of Hope began to become involved in suicide prevention efforts in Anne Arundel county, it became clear the the very specific "Winds of Hope Winds of Healing" would be better served with  a name that more directly reflects the mission of the group and all its' mental health outreaches, hence, The Building Life Project was formed.  Currently Building Life is involved with suicide prevention and awareness in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and continues to be involved with mental health assistance in the Gulf region as residents there work to build their lives in the face of anxiety and depression.

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